For the first sustainable generation, learning as usual is not an option. uses the Crowdlearning method to engage young people worldwide in problem-solving, co-creation and sharing of knowledge, all in all to speed up the world’s path towards sustainability. is a free global education and learning portal on sustainable development solutions. It is a unique and free open crowd-learning experience for mobile devices that connects youth from all the corners of the world. The aim is to build understanding and cooperation about the United Nation’s sustainable development goals.

These goals are all about finding practical solutions to challenges like poverty, hunger, sickness, illiteracy, climate change, and species loss, just to mention a few examples. This might sound like complicated stuff. And it is. That’s exactly why we need your help. Together with you, we want to create unprecedented learning and engagement and showcase stories of local challenges and successes in pursuing sustainable development from all around the world.

Some Reasons You’ll Like Us


Explore, create, change

Understand global challenges, explore your local circumstances, and find practical solutions.

A (g)local experience

No need to tackle it all on your own, a global community will be by your side.


Your diploma

Hard work does not go unrewarded. Once you finished all courses, you will receive a diploma!

Free to use, on any device

The platform is designed to work on even the simplest device with access to the internet.

Impact? Immediately!

Unprecedented learning and engagement online and offline inspires to take action!


Sharing is caring

We’ll showcase stories of local challenges and successes shared by you and your peers.

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…working to implement the SDGs in your organization or network

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…inspirational keynote speakers

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